Door Accessories

Want to upgrade the door you have ordered or update an existing door? We have a variety of accessories available for individual purchase.

This includes protective d D plates, hinged (and sliding door) 3 point locks, automatic door closers and electronic pin key cylinders.

Electronic Key Lock Cylinder

The EPEC (Electronic PIN Euro Cylinder) is a digital key designed to fit your existing screen door cylinder profile. Allowing you to upgrade the features of an existing screen door, without having to completely replace it.


  • Keyless Entry
  • Manage up to two groups and 12 unique PIN codes; you’ll never have to worry about losing a key again.
  • Tough and Secure
  • Stainless Steel 316 Actuators and Anti Drill Plate for tamper protection.
  • Highest security standards against software attack.
  • Long Battery Life
  • Weatherproof IP55 rated against rain, hail, snow and dust.
  • Enter a 6 digit PIN Code which acts as a digital key and rotate to unlock/lock.
  • Designed to quickly and easily upgrade any existing Euro Cylinder lock body.
  • Multi-Group Access Control
  • Up to 3 years and 9,000 operations. Easy to change CR2 battery and low battery warning with Micro USB connection for backup power.
electronic key lock cylinder

Protective D Plates

A D-plate, fitted on the inside face of the screen door, where the handle sits, to prevent accidental rips and tears in your screen door mesh.  This Perspex ‘D’ shaped push plate protects the mesh by the door handle, against general wear and tear.

  • Our Visisafe and Designer screen doors come standard with a D-plate
  • We can customise any size Perspex plates/sheets for every need, such as but not limited to café door wear zones or pet scratch zones.
triple lock system

Automatic door closer

A door closer is an adjustable and spring-loaded mechanical arm that closes a door automatically after it has been opened. Installing a door closer adds a level of control to your door’s safety and security.

  • A door closer adds another level of convenience to your home as it securely closes your door after you pass through it, therefore your door won’t be left open for unwanted visitors.
  • Prevents your security door from suddenly opening or slamming shut ensuring a controlled open & closure of the door
  • Allows easier access by locking the screen door open if you enter with heavy cargo or multiple bags
  • Adjustable closing speed
automatic door closer

Triple lock kits

Difference between a single lock & a triple lock & what impact each has on your security door.

🔒 Single lock – has only one locking point at the centre of your door.

🔒 Triple lock – has three locking points connected by an internal rod, one at the top, one in the middle, and one at the bottom.

Thus a triple lock is significantly more secure as opposed to a single lock because all three locking points are engaged simultaneously into the door jamb when the key is turned and significantly reduces the chances of an intruder grabbing the corner of the door and bending it upwards to gain access.

POMSS only uses triple locks that have a unique ‘parrot beak’ hook, which hooks onto the strike plate, as opposed to a straight tongue lock therefore offering superior resistance to forced entry.

Burglaries are mainly committed by opportunist offenders, who prey on easy targets. Good quality triple locks on your security doors make it harder for burglars to enter your home. When the “Dead Lock” feature on our door handle is engaged it prevents thieves from exiting the house via that door and may force them to leave empty handed.

triple lock system

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Just love the doors - Thank you for such great service - the installers are a real credit for your organisation as both were very professional.


My new Crimsafe doors are just brilliant - loving the airflow through the house - while still feeling safe!!


Thank you for such great service - the Crimsafe security door is just wonderful.


The screen door looks very good and the tradesmen were highly competent and pleasant to deal with. Thank you.


We are just loving our Security screen - colour match is perfect - once we have completed some renovations we will be in touch to place our order for pleated insect screens. Thank you to all of the team.


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