So what makes Crimsafe technology so special?

  • A tough tensile mesh: Crimsafe uses a superior grade stainless steel wire in the mesh that undergoes several strengthening processes. This means it is 26% thicker than most other mesh on the market, therefore making it stronger and able to absorb impact better. This makes our security screens more resistant to forceful impacts and knife cuts. 
  • The patented screw-clamp TM: and hook feature transfers the force of an impact around the frame, so the mesh remains intact and the unit is able to withstand enormous impacts.  In fact, all our standard domestic products are rated to resist Category 3 cyclones. 
  • Tamper-resistant stainless-steel screws: exclusive to Crimsafe Screens, are driven right through the clamp and mesh and into the frame on the other side, to give the screen real strength.  Crimsafe is the only security screen to feature mesh screwed into place like this, giving it unrivalled resistance to an attack.
  • The Crimsafe clamp and frame: have special teeth designed to match the profile of the mesh and “bite down” on it with a vice-like grip.
  • The Santoprene rubber insulator: is so revolutionary it has its own separate patent.  It reduces water penetration and salt buildup in harsh environments and virtually eliminates galvanic corrosion of the different metals – meaning a very long life for your screens.  Santoprene does not degrade after prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light (sunlight).
  • A special release mechanism for emergencies: a specially designed keyless locking system giving you a quick escape in an emergency.  This is a keyless exit system for windows.  (Although effortless to open from the inside, these window screens are only hinged) and feature Crimsafe’s screw-clamp system which makes them just as hard to penetrate from the outside just like all Crimsafe’s other products.
  • Protection from insects and heat: As well as providing security, Crimsafe screens act as fly screens and can reduce solar heat gain by around 50%.

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